Awards: Campground of the Year, Recreation & Facilities

Missoula KOA has been one of the best KOA campgrounds in the system over the past 47 years.  Some of our awards have been:KOA President's Award 2014

  • President’s Award
  • Founder’s Award
  • Campground of the Year
  • Franchisee of the Year
  • Merit for Outstanding Service for 15+ consecutive yearsKOA Founders Award 2013
  • Past grand prize winner for KOA’s National Image contest (award was a new Chevrolet pickup)
  • 5W facilities & recreation ratings from Woodall’s Campground directory

We have received top ratings every year.  KOA has a quality assurance program that no other campground system or private campground can match.  We are inspected on 13 core elements in regard to camper satisfaction and safety.  We have had thousands of campers over the years from which we draw our experience and continually have upgraded our campground to meet their needs.  Our priority is making your camping experience special and memorable.  You know if you stay at our KOA campground your expectations of quality will be met every time.

Yearly Awards for KOA Campgrounds

Franchisee of the Year
The Kampgrounds of America Franchisee of the Year is the highest honor in the KOA system.  Receiving this award is a public acknowledgment of what your peers and others in the camping business already know: you are the best of the best on the North American continent. Nominees must attain top scores in customer satisfaction surveys, as well as every category of their Quality Review. Picking just one KOA as “Campground of the Year” is a tall order.  There are many deserving KOA owners around North America who do a wonderful job taking care of their guests during their family’s camping trips.  Hundreds of thousands of guests are asked each year to score each KOA.  So based on those recommendations the Franchisee of the year is chosen.

President’s Award
The President’s Award is proudly presented to KOA Kampgrounds that excel in providing great camping facilities for their guests as well as a high level of customer service.  The awards are based on our guests’ Satisfaction Surveys, along with the stringent KOA Quality Assurance inspections.  The Satisfaction Survey is emailed to each guest when they check out of a KOA campground.

Founder’s Award
The Founder’s Award is given to KOA Kampgrounds for providing a higher level of customer service and for effectively meeting their camping guest’s expectations. This award is determined solely on feedback from campers through satisfaction surveys that measure their guest’s experience while staying at the campground. Each campground must score high in all areas of customer service, campground facilities, cleanliness and overall value to receive a Founder’s Award. The campground must first qualify for the President’s Award before they can achieve the Founders Award