Camp Fires & Fire Wood

Camp Fires
Open campfires are permitted only at designated fire rings. Not all RV sites have fire rings. Premium & Deluxe RV sites only have fire rings. All tent sites have fire rings. Deluxe Cabins and Camping Cabins all have a fire ring. Sites on Rows Q and the Tent Village site also have barbecue grills for your convenience.  Deluxe Cabins have a gas BBQ on site for you to use.Community Fire Ring

You can also use our Community Camp Fire Area at Elmer’s Park if your site does not have a fire ring and you want to enjoy the ambiance of the fire experience.

Fire Wood
Bundled Fire wood with starter paper is available for purchase at the store for $4.50 per bundle.  Please no burning garbage.

Moving Firewood Can Transport Forest Insects and Diseases.
Find out more Click >  Protect trees, Forests & Wildlife Habitat Dont Move Firewood

Don't Move Firewood into Montana