Groups & Reunions Policy

Family reunions and groups are welcome at the Missoula KOA. Each reunion or group will be assigned a group name, determined by your group and one of our staff. This group name will link all reservations for your reunion / group event. All persons calling for your reunion / group can give us that name and we will know which reservations are associated with your group.

We encourage each family to make their own reservation and deposit for the reservation. All reservations and deposits will be required at least three weeks prior to your event or at the time the individual reservation is made.

If one person is taking care of multiple reservations that person is responsible for all deposits for all reservations they make. The KOA will not refund deposits made by that person so they can be paid for by someone else. The person making the reservation will have to collect the deposits from the individuals in the group. We will need to know 30 days prior to the reservation arrival the names for those actually staying in each individual site. The person making the reservation will be responsible for all members in the group and visitors at the sites they are making the reservations for. If the reservation is canceled with in the deadline time frame refunds will be made to the individual who made the reservation minus any cancellation fees that apply.

The Leader of the Reunion/Group will be responsible to inform all of the group members (including visitors) of the campground rules and policies.

Visitors must register at the office each day they stay. Charges could apply to guests of the group who are not camping at Missoula KOA. By registering this will give guests the use of the rest rooms, a parking pass and a swimming pass. The Leader arranging the reunion / group function will be responsible for letting these people know they must come to the office for the parking and swimming pass. At the office they will be assigned a place to park while they are attending the reunion / group function. Each site can have only one vehicle assigned to it. Any extra vehicles will have to be assigned parking off of the site. This will need to take place at the office. A registered motor home with a tow vehicle is not considered having an extra vehicle.

ALL campers and visitors must register prior to occupying a site. All extra vehicles must have a permit if not parked on the given site! Absolutely no parking anywhere other than on the assigned site!

The campground quiet hours are from 10:00 PM till 7:00 AM. The leader is responsible for the group and of informing the group of these quiet hours. All visitors not paying for a campsite must leave the campground by 10:00 PM.

If your reunion / group is planning to use our meeting room, The Gathering Place (Kafe), for any events, the group leader must reserve it in advance and the group leader is responsible for the cleanup of the Gathering Place. The Gathering Place will need to be reserved in advance like all other reservations. We do charge a small fee and also a security / cleaning and alcohol deposit for use of the room. Payment of rent and deposits are required at time reservation is made. The Gathering Place is used for our campground breakfasts during the summer months so it will not be available for groups until Noon each day and must be cleaned and vacated by Midnight each night.